And the Colombian adventure is over…

As everything in life, this has reached its end. But not without first relishing the Caribbean cost, the stunning landscape of Minca and the nightlife of Cartagena... On Friday 23rd, Thais and I left Cartagena and went to our first stop, Santa Marta, but first I was meeting another friend of my dad. He picked... Continue Reading →


SOLE Sessions

This week, we will support the school with their project in SOLE. Four years ago, two of the teachers decided to join SOLE Colombia and start to run occasional SOLE's sessions in their classes. Although they have been trying to involve other teachers in this project and make SOLE part of the educational methodology of the... Continue Reading →

Enjoying the weekend

This weekend has been the first time after 3 weeks that I have been by myself. Thais and Tanya decided on Friday 16th to go to the cost of Guachaca to enjoy the beach and surf.  However, I preferred to stay in Cartagena and enjoy the underwater life... I was going diving!! On Saturday 17th,... Continue Reading →

New school, new environment, new experience

On Tuesday 13th, we went for the first time to the school in Cartagena. This time the environment was totally different. The school was a state school, the size was much bigger and the students were from a lower social economic background. The first impression was a little bit shocking as the conditions of the school... Continue Reading →

Heading off to Cartagena de Indias.

On Saturday (10th of March), we took the plane and left the inland of Colombia. Next destination: Cartagena de Indias. This city is located in the Caribbean cost of Colombia and is one of the more touristic cities of the country, however, at the same time it is also one of the poorest region. This... Continue Reading →

Visiting some rural schools.

Day 7th at the school. (8th of March) 5 a.m. in the morning - Get up and start the trip to go to the school. Definitely, today, we have experienced what teachers and students do every single day to reach the rural schools. Our journey started in Tunja where we took our first bus until the... Continue Reading →

Collecting Data.

Day 4th, 5th and 6th at the school. (5th, 6th and 7th of March) Definitely, the first day of collecting data was the most stressful day of the trip. Doubts about if the questionnaire will be successful or not appeared, the class organisation in round tables hindered students’ concentration, the collecting of the forms at some... Continue Reading →

A Relaxing Weekend.

Friday. (March 2nd) As the school that we are visiting in Tunja has "Jean's day" every Friday, we decided to go to the street market and take the advantage to do some work at home. The Jean's day is a  special day when the students can wear whatever they want, leaving their uniforms at home, and... Continue Reading →

First days at school.

Day 1. (February 27th) On Tuesday, we had our first meeting with Ana Belén, the headteacher of Gimnasio Santander school. During the meeting, we were able to meet some of the teachers and discuss how we will support the school and students during our 2 weeks placement. Due to their lack of opportunities of having... Continue Reading →

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